QNT/Quant Network

Quant QNT

Quant is a versatile plug-and-play solution connecting different blockchains and enterprise software without requiring new infrastructure.
Using distributed ledger technology (DLT) and APIs through the Overledger API gateway, it enables seamless communication between blockchains.
Quant also supports multi-ledger tokens (MLTs) backed by fiat funds held in escrow, serving entities like central banks, banks, fintechs, payment systems, and marketplaces.
These MLTs function as stablecoins, vouchers, loyalty points, and eMoney, facilitating fast and transparent cross-border bank payments.
The union of Quant (QNT) and the ISO 20022 standard signifies a groundbreaking alliance within the Quantum Financial System.
Quant, focused on blockchain interoperability, integrates ISO 20022's universal financial messaging standard to enhance connectivity between diverse networks.
ISO20022 is a worldwide industry standard that has been bought in to regulate the interchange of electronic data between financial institutions.
This collaboration streamlines data exchange, fostering seamless communication among various financial entities.
By adhering to ISO 20022, Quant aims for standardized, efficient, and secure transactions, propelling faster speeds, reduced costs, and improved transparency.

Moreover, this integration represents a vital step toward leveraging quantum computing in finance.
While promising, challenges like widespread adoption and regulatory alignment must be addressed.
Yet, the amalgamation of Quant QNT with ISO 20022 paints a future where quantum technology and interoperability revolutionize finance.